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At MH3, we love collaborating with our clients. We know you’ve got questions on how we’ll work with you to create your ultimate outdoor retreat. We’re ready to answer them — and to brainstorm unique possibilities that flow from our conversations.

Here’s What Many of Our Clients are Curious About
Q: We’ve never done this before. Where do we begin?

A: It’s a collaborative process! We’ll start by exploring your landscaping and/or pool project as a whole. What do you want? When do you want it? Do you have a budget? Then we will create a master plan with cost analysis that can either be built all at once, or implemented in phases over a period of time.

Q: We’ve talked to another landscaper who is going to “just give us some numbers.” Why should we pay for a plan?

A: Would you think of building a house without a blueprint? Just ordering some 2x4s, shingles and miscellaneous materials and see what the final result ends up being? Our design process results in a customized game plan for your one-of-a-kind paradise. You’ll be able to thoroughly understand everything involved with your design, from materials, to process and costs, so you are completely confident the final results will coincide with your vision.

Q: We’re not really sure of our budget. What do you think it will cost?

A: This is the main reason to create a customized plan. We can accurately determine the best scope for your budget, being mindful of the value of your home and lot, your lifestyle, and how long you plan on living in your house. Then we build a “what’s important” list – elements you need, others that you want, and some, “hey if we win the lottery!” Then we take that budget and decide whether a one-time plan or multiple phase approach best achieves your goal. We are very proud of our ability to “value engineer,” using economy of scale to maximize every dollar so the development of a design will help us all know the costs.

Q: We’ve ‘Gotta Guy’, can we use him for part of the project?

A: Ahhh, the elusive Gotta Guy. It seems like today, everybody has a Gotta Guy. In short, Yes, we will be more than happy to meet with any subcontractors you love to review their quotes and abilities while helping to manage and coordinate them as part of your project. But our priority is to create the best possible landscape and pool for you, so if your Gotta Guy isn’t really capable of doing what needs to be done, we can always bring in one of our team’s contractors from the bullpen.

Q: We didn’t think landscaping would be so expensive. We just spent X dollars on our new kitchen remodel, and this seems almost comparable in cost. Why so much?

A: It’s all about the scope. Let’s say your kitchen remodel consisted of 600 square feet and it is packed with all your favorite high-end materials, creature comforts and appliances. That cost probably was quite a bit per square foot. Once you move to the outside design though, you need to landscape your lot which is roughly 35,000 sq.ft or larger. This new area might even have an outdoor kitchen of its own! You’ll want your outdoor oasis to be equally spectacular as your interior is now. So in this regard, even though the costs may be the same, when you look at the overall project scope based on square footage, include all materials and labor, landscaping will be a bit more cost-effective and a good use of money to add beauty and usable space to your home.

Q: How much value does landscaping bring to our home?

A: How do you feel when you pull up to a house that is professional landscaped and maintained? We mean a flat out, drop dead, gorgeous front yard (obviously done by MH3). A “WOW, is this awesome” usually comes to mind. So what is the value of that first impression — the feeling you and your guests get before they even step inside? Customized landscaping is the “external staging” that provides the tantalizing enticement to enter your home, as well as to explore and experience its unique surroundings. When working with MH3, you’ll get your moneys worth for sure!

Q: Does investing in a pool make sense in the Midwest?

A: This is where we have to learn more about your house type and your values. Do you have a large family home? Do you love entertaining? Are you planning on living there for several years? A pool can be a great value that separates you from other properties. And the fun times you’ll experience in an around it will be priceless. Also, today’s pool technology provides more use with less maintenance than ever before.

Q: Why should we hire you? What makes MH3 different than other design/build firms?

A: Because creating customized landscapes for you is what we live for! We’re not a production company or big-box style landscaper trying to sell as many installs as possible. We’re looking to partner with select clients who value high quality and personalized service. We not only have a wealth of knowledge about the newest products out there, but we have the unhinged creativity to blend them into designs you’ll never see anywhere else. Everything is custom and specific to each individual client. Our “Creative Genius” Mark Hauri is constantly on-site throughout every project, meeting every contractor, spotting every plant, and personally ensuring that everyone knows your expectations – – and that they are met.

Q: How about your warranties?

A: A warranty is only as good as the contractor you’re hiring. Some companies may offer a 20-year warranty, but what good is that if they’re out of business in two years? We offer warranties on materials and workmanship that are above industry standards, but most of all, we personally stand behind our craftsmanship. With more than 32 years of experience, we’ve seen companies come and go, but we’ll continue to be here to serve you long after your project is completed.




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