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“The Creative Genius” and all of MH3’s outstanding contractors are fabulous at landscapes and pools. Do you need help with Bloomstruck Hydrangeas, sourcing Percheron Travertine, an Acer palmatum atropurpureum ‘Bloodgood’ perhaps? That’s all us. Engineered, terrace walls with a 600 yard soil correction to install the pool and pool house? No problem. Alleviation of hydrostatic pressure behind, or under, surfaces compounded by freeze/thaw cycles? Easy, next. A Bradford spa built into a pool overlooking Lake Minnetonka with a vanishing edge using only imported stone from Europe? Done…when do we start?

Interested in a different site consisting of WordPress, Bounce Rate, Content Audit, Organic Distribution, KPIs, SEOs, ROIs, and SMEs?


Please contact these Marketing Masterminds directly at the MH3 Marketing Team Department. You have mistakenly reached the MH3 Design Lab and we don’t speak this foreign language!

Matt Ashley

Matt Ashley

Matt is a founding-partner of Triton Commerce. As the VP of Client Operations, he’ll be your go-to guy for understanding the impact digital marketing can have on the success of your business. Direct and enthusiastic, when you partner with Matt you’ll gain an instant advocate for the awesome products and services of your own business. As a client of Matt’s, and the one-of-a-kind Managed Marketing Platform offered at Triton, you’ll be provided with a full digital marketing team, web design, social media, SEO and content marketing services, all packaged into a custom strategy with an emphasis on increasing business leads and sales. From the start, the team at Triton Commerce will strive to make online marketing easy, honest, and most importantly, profitable for your business!

When you’re ready to grow, so is #TeamTriton!

Triton Commerce
Matt Ashley

(651) 321-0578

Beth Pursley

Beth Pursley

Beth is the President of On-Target Public Relations. She offers more than 37 years of publicity, promotions and event marketing experience. Beth’s highly targeted approach, nationwide media contacts, and tenacious attention to detail has generated more than $175 million in media placements for some of the most respected companies in the country. Her highly successful local and national campaigns include:

  • Targeted placements in print, broadcast and online media
  • Creative marketing and sales promotional programs, with integrated sponsor partner elements
  • Comprehensive branding strategy and positioning
  • Impactful marketing and web copywriting
  • Serving as a media spokesperson
  • High-caliber work with the lowest possible expenses at a fair fee

If you need to make a splash, give her a call!

On Target
Beth Pursley

(952) 221-4717

Michael Dockham

Michael Dockham

Michael is a Minnesota-based photographer who loves to capture the world in various poses during all of life’s experiences. His passion is to capture and share those spectacular images as a way to give back to all those around him.

He has enjoyed photography since his early days and purchased his first book on photography when he was eight years old. He dreamed of becoming a National Geographic photographer and adventuring around the world. Michael loves landscaping and travel photography, backpacking, hiking and hanging out with his family and friends.

Looking to capture your favorite landscape image, family fun or license one of his images – give him a ping.

Michael Dockham Photo
(978) 255-3169

Jim Davis

Jim Davis

Jim is the guy in charge (or at least he thinks he is). He is the creative visionary who heads up the Mind Spark Creative Team. Never satisfied with the status quo, Jim is constantly trying to better, not only himself, but also the standard of work that his team produces. He is an exceptional and talented designer, strategist, and creative thinker who excels at thinking outside the box while delivering everything inside the box as promised!

Mind Spark Creative is a strategic partner to help grow your business in unexpected ways. Whether you are just starting a business or need to completely rebrand, Jim and his creative team are prepared to help.

Mind Spark can collaborate with you to develop your brand, web content, packaging and collateral systems, and offer innovative solutions to attract your audience.

Looking to take you business to the next level? Jim’s your guy!

Mind Spark
Jim Davis

(612) 239-4303

Todd Starks

Todd is also a fine artist with experience creating original oil paintings collected by public institutions, businesses, and privately across the US.

Todd Starks :: Artist
Painter of Wonder, Form & Spirit

Todd Starks

Experienced and passionate professional WordPress website designer/developer + Divi Expert with a rare combination of skills both for web and graphic design, backed by a B.F.A degree.

Expertise in initial site design (including logo and brand development), installation of WordPress on your preferred host, procuring best plugins or code solutions, domain registration, email setup, site development and final launch. All sites are optimized with mobile devices in mind.

“I am excited to partner with you to provide highly professional design and development results so that your goals are realized. Please contact me so that we can discuss how we can partner together to COMPLETELY fulfill your business or organizational needs.”

Toadhouse Studios LLC
Todd Starks

(608) 208-0308