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Vinyl Pools

Let’s Design Your Luxury Vinyl Pool

Choosing MH3 Design Group for custom pool design means your vinyl pool will be as lavish, extravagant, and accommodating as possible. Our expert pool designers and installers are ready to enhance your Twin Cities backyard!

  • Partner with MH3 to design and install an inspired, all-inclusive vinyl pool.
  • Access our online project management system for accurate costs and updates.
  • Get constant updates so you can count down the days until your first poolside margarita.

We are focused on taking your dreams, pairing them with your lifestyle, and adding the finest materials and craftsmanship to create your very own outdoor paradise. Schedule your free design consultation today!

Why Choose MH3 for Custom Vinyl Pools?

We refer to our design process as a seamless, integrated approach. Luxury custom pool design is more than just our passion – it’s our way of life.

  • From our first meeting with you to exchange ideas until the completion of your luxury vinyl pool installation, our team will ensure our imagination and expertise are harmoniously aligned with your preferences and voice.
  • We’ve been custom-designing vinyl pools for decades and are committed to excellence with all the creative and construction process steps, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction with your newfound personal pool paradise.
  • View our beautiful work for yourself or read reviews from some of our most satisfied clients.

Advantages of Vinyl Pools

If you’re looking to construct a custom pool design as quickly as possible, then vinyl pool installation is probably your best bet. Overall, vinyl pool projects tend to take less time to complete than concrete pools while still offering an excess of ideas for immaculate vinyl pool concepts and aesthetics.

Distinct Beauty

High-end luxury looks for vinyl pools are more abundant and easier to install than ever.

Comfortable & Safe Surface

Vinyl provides more comfort and cushion on its surface, ideal for families with small children.

Easy Installation

Vinyl pool installation processes tend to be completed quicker than concrete pool installation.

Practical Maintenance

Overall maintenance effort and costs for vinyl pools are less than other types of pool surfaces.

Schedule a Pool Design Consultation Today

With our vast experience and keen eye for design and your vision for your own backyard personal paradise, there’s no reason why MH3 can’t make your vinyl pool dreams come true! Reach out to us online today to schedule a consultation, or give us a call at 763-400-3944 to learn more.