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Why Choose MH3 for Your Luxury Pool?

At MH3, no two custom pool designs are the same. Our integrated design process allows us to collaborate with you to achieve ultimate customization for your luxury concrete pool.

  • Work with experienced designers to develop a personalized pool design.
  • Get 24/7 access to online project management for live updates, estimates, and construction progress.
  • Keep in constant communication until project completion and that celebratory toast of champagne.

We are committed to pairing our artistic vision and pristine craftsmanship with your ideas and lifestyle needs to assemble your ultimate outdoor paradise from the ground up. View our gallery to get a feel for our extravagant custom concrete pool designs!

Is Concrete Pool Installation Right for You?

Homeowners looking for reliable durability, accommodating flexibility, and nearly infinite design options should consider luxury concrete pool installation for their backyard. While concrete pool projects may take longer and require more of an overall commitment compared to vinyl pool installation, the investment is always worth it, given the endless design elements that can be incorporated.

If you’re looking to create a custom pool that will reflect your lifestyle and enhance your backyard paradise, let’s start designing your concrete pool masterpiece today!

Advantages Of Concrete Pools

Concrete pools allow for unlimited imagination when it comes to our end of the custom pool design process. One look at your backyard, and we’ll be able to determine what type of style, size, and materials will work best for accommodating a concrete pool on your property.

Ultimate Customization

Concrete pools are our chance to really get creative. We can incorporate just about any design concepts that spring to our minds.

Size and Shape Flexibility

There’s more room to work with varying dimensions or pre-existing landscape features, so we can work with your yard to provide the ultimate fit.

Outstanding Longevity

To put it simply, concrete pools are constructed to last longer and require less maintenance in the long run.

Unparalleled Beauty

Once the final project is completed, your eyes won’t believe what they’re witnessing when your concrete pool installation is all said and done.

When you enlist our concrete pool installation services, you can expect notable benefits. Read our reviews to hear from previous clients!

Let’s Create Your Twin Cities Pool Paradise

Seeing is truly believing when it comes to the renowned craftsmanship and artistic integrity of our custom concrete pools. When you're ready to get the ball rolling on your pool design, contact us online to receive a complimentary consultation, or give us a call at 763-400-3944.