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Pool Rehab

Pool Restoration With Modern Luxury

Newly Renovated Swimming Pool With Laminar Jets & Custom Built Outdoor Seating Area

Choose MH3 for Premium Pool Rehabilitation

Not sure what to do with that old, declining pool in your backyard? Why not modernize it with our premium pool rehabilitation services! MH3 Design Group offers high-end, custom pool restoration and installation services in the Twin Cities area. Our experts are ready to:

  • Collaborate with you on a unique and completely customized pool rehab design
  • Construct your restored pool from the ground up using the most advanced, durable materials
  • Keep you informed and up to date throughout the entire rehabilitation process

We want to provide you with a completely rehabilitated pool that will not only take your breath away, but also leave you with infinite opportunities to create precious memories – all within the comfortable confines of your backyard paradise. Take a look at our gallery of awe-inspiring luxury landscaping projects, and schedule a design consultation today!

Personalize Your Custom Pool Rehab Design

When we say no two custom pool designs are alike, we mean it. We’re able to provide our clients with completely personalized and rehabilitated pools because, unlike our competitors, we work with, as well as for, all our customers. That means we want your creative input to collaborate with our artistic vision to truly produce an original work of custom pool art for your luxury outdoor living space.

Once we’ve established the unique aesthetic and customized design concepts for your soon-to-be restored pool, we get to work right away. Our team of trained professionals will work relentlessly throughout the pool rehabilitation process until our collective vision is complete. And once your toes can finally touch that pristine aqua blue water, we’ll be right there and ready to bust out the celebratory bottle of bubbly!

Advantages of Pool Rehab

When you take the creative liberty of bringing new life into your old, dated backyard pool, you reap the benefits of a custom pool rehabilitation. Our intricate and luxury designs allow you to truly personalize your backyard without any design or constructive limitations.

Infinite Design Potential

Shape, size, structure – the world is your oyster with all the design capabilities of a luxury pool.

Sophistication Meets Safety

Rehabilitated pools can give you the combination of bold, modern, and intricate concrete pool designs, but with the comforting, secure surfaces of vinyl lining.

Extreme Endurance

Restored pools not only provide an absolutely stunning appearance but are also designed to last with little to no maintenance for many years to come.

Freedom to Accessorize

Why stop adding to the luxury of your own custom pool rehabilitation? There are endless ways to enhance the look and amenities of your newly restored pool through a wide variety of accessories, attachments, and appliances.

Choose MH3 for Custom Pool Rehab in the Twin Cities

With our acclaimed imagination and credentialed installation experience and your individuality and vision, there’s no stopping the potential for creating the ultimate custom pool rehabilitation experience for your backyard paradise! Contact us online today, or give us a call at 763-400-3944.