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Enhance Hospitality at Home

Outdoor Kitchen With Pergola & Elevated Seating Area

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen & Bars

Why spoil a bright sunny day or an enchanted summer evening by being forced to wine and dine inside? Our luxury outdoor kitchen and bar designs will serve as the life of any party, offering infinite opportunities for intimate family meals or festive social gatherings. Unwind with weekend libations in the backyard or impress your guests with some of our more elaborate and opulent designs, such as:

  • Tailor-made, exotic backyard tiki lounge designs
  • Wood-fire oven accessible cooking galleys
  • All-encompassing built-in grill-master stations and fine dining accommodations
  • Heating-friendly customized architecture for year-round outdoor dining access

There’s no dream too big when it comes to what our team can design for your custom outdoor kitchen and bar. This is your chance to personalize your backyard paradise, as well as your opportunity to show off your passion for providing pristine hospitality. Schedule your free design consultation today!

Redefine the ‘Host With the Most’

Whether you’re looking to enhance the quality and quantity of your family time or you just don’t want to leave the house for happy hour, owning your own outdoor kitchen and bar will put your backyard in the center of your social universe. But when it comes to specifically curating your luxury outdoor experience, we don’t settle for anything short of absolute luxury.

At MH3, our outdoor kitchen and bar designs are artistically crafted and completely personalized to complement your lifestyle and personality needs. From the initial blueprint sketches to the final tile installation, we work in collaboration with you to combine our artistic vision and professional resources with your landscaping dreams and fantasies to create a breathtaking backyard retreat that’s truly one of a kind.

Be sure to check out our photo gallery to get a better idea of just how elaborate our outdoor kitchen and bar designs can be, or read our reviews to hear just how satisfied our customers are with their luxury landscaping upgrades!

Reap the Benefits of a Luxury Outdoor Kitchen & Bar

Already have an elaborate dining room and indoor bar inside your home? You’re still missing out! Aside from the opportunity to appreciate good food and strong drinks amidst fresh air and sunlight, professional outdoor kitchen and bar installation will benefit your backyard in countless ways.

Comfortable Accommodations

Easily seat, treat, and serve your family and guests with adequate and expansive outdoor seating and furnishing arrangements.

Convenient Cooking

Stop running back and forth, inside and out of the house during your next barbecue! Equip your cook with all the essential appliances, accessories, and spacing necessary to create the perfect feast.

Soothing Ambiance

Nothing compliments relaxing meals or cocktails like a cool summer breeze or admiring an immaculate backyard sunset.

Maximum Capacity

‘The more the merrier’ applies directly to hosting as many family members or friends as you please with ample outdoor space and room.

Let’s Perfect Your Twin Cities Backyard

Stop thinking about having your own outdoor kitchen and bar and start utilizing it! MH3 is here to create and construct the luxury backyard dining retreat of your dreams. Contact us online to get started on your custom outdoor living space designs, or give us a call at 763-400-3944 to answer any of your outdoor kitchen and bar questions.