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Screen-in Porch with Deck Overlooking Backyard Pool

Luxury Deck & Porch Design in the Twin Cities

Our expertise in custom deck and porch design knows no bounds! Choose MH3 for superior craftsmanship, individuality, and functionality. We offer intricate concept and installation services for those interested in:

  • Decorative extensions of luxury comfort for your home
  • Handcrafted and professional quality wooden or composite decking materials
  • Completely customizable and unique deck and porch concepts and vision
  • Swift and efficient deck and porch installation

A custom-designed and expertly installed deck or porch will be the pinnacle of your backyard paradise. It can serve a wide variety of visual and practical purposes, serving as an elevated observation area and maximizing your exterior living space. Most importantly, a thoughtfully designed deck or porch integrates all your elaborate landscaping projects together.

Survey your backyard paradise premises in style by enlisting our services for optimal and adaptable custom deck and porch design and installation in the Twin Cities area! We start every project with a free design consultation.

Unite Your Luxury Landscaping Features

MH3 believes building the perfect deck or porch requires collaboration within all the spaces and features of your exterior landscaping to create a completely amalgamated outdoor living space experience. Our process begins with an assessment of your backyard.

MH3 specializes in identifying how to create a deck or porch that will accentuate your lavish surroundings while enhancing the accessibility and comfortability of all your landscaping arrangements, from hardscaping to landscape lighting. Creating a unique and stylish assembly of accommodating accessories improves the overall flow and function of your home’s exterior features.

Our team is ready to create your deck or porch in perfect unison and harmony with your backyard for the ultimate outdoor paradise. See decks and porches in our photo gallery!

Advantages of Artistic Deck & Porch Design

Anyone can assemble the resources necessary to build a deck or porch. That’s why investing in a creative vision with proven experience in constructing truly unique backyard utopias will provide your home with a distinctly original and cunning design.

Our team of conceptual and installation experts will work relentlessly to ensure your custom deck or porch design will not only achieve maximum performance and quality, but also look as elaborate and inviting as a piece of architectural art. Our artisan design influence will provide your custom deck or porch with numerous advantages.

Abundant Accommodations

More space and freedom to entertain family and friends within the comfort and safety of your own backyard.

Permanent Provision

Distinct design and expert installation will allow your custom deck or porch to flourish for decades, with little to no maintenance necessary.

Endless Enjoyment

Curate your deck or porch experience however you please, through outdoor kitchen and bar concepts, elaborate fire feature designs, or other luxury outdoor living arrangements.

Refined Beauty & Support

Exceptional craftsmanship and artistic vision provide the best of both worlds when it comes to visual integrity and secure frameworks.

Let’s Build Your Ultimate Outdoor Oasis

We’re here to help you achieve your vision for creating the ultimate backyard utopia retreat. Contact us online today to get started on bringing your custom deck and porch fantasies to life, or give us a call at 763-400-3944 to schedule a complimentary design consultation.