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Our Design-Build Process

A Seamless, Integrated Approach

We understand that it’s an important and sometimes challenging process to choose the right team to create your ultimate outdoor oasis – searching for the right landscape designer, the best materials and craftsmen, and the most professional group to oversee the completion of your project.

At MH3, our Design/Build blueprint removes this stress, providing you with a seamless, integrated experience. Our concierge service guides you through all the creative and installation phases while streamlining the project with our online client management system.

Here’s how we roll…


You’ve always dreamed of coming home to a luxurious landscape and pool retreat that’s truly yours to relax in. You’ve got some ideas, but don’t know where to start. Your initial design consultation with MH3 will begin making these dreams a reality. We’ll get to know each other over a cup of coffee at your kitchen table, answer all your questions, and show you a plethora of our past projects. Then we’ll open a world of possibilities by showing you the latest trends and best materials out there.

Together, we’ll develop a design direction — exploring design concepts, spatial planning, and material selections that resonate with you. We’ll also take a spin through our online client management system so you can experience how it will streamline installation, document handling, and change orders throughout your project.

If our collaborative process seems like the right fit, we’ll provide you with a no-obligation design fee estimate for the scope of your project. Once you choose to partner with MH3, we’ll then set expectations and lock in an initial project timeline.

Proceed to the CREATE portion of the show…

Once we’ve received your design deposit, we dive in and collect the house plans, measurements, site analysis, city documents, and materials to design the ultimate master plan for you. Behind the closed doors of the MH3 Design Lab, your design takes shape using computer designs, architectural knowledge, sketch renderings, art, science, design theories, engineering, exacting craftsmanship, countless cups of coffee, and a bit of sorcery all swirled together.

When we emerge and the smoke clears, we’ll schedule your unveiling presentation, revealing your one-of-a-kind design which comes alive via a scaled computerized layout, possible 3-D renderings, hand-drawn sketches, supporting material literature, and an a la carte project scope outlining costs and allowances. Then we’ll collaborate to tweak your new design and project scope to coincide with your vision, both aesthetically and financially.

Additional meetings will be set to go over design revisions, renderings, cost analysis, and your ideal project timeline. Once your design is finalized, it’s time to call in the craftsmen and roll in the heavy equipment… game time!



Our guys are the best. Period. MH3 is proud to showcase the talents of the finest professionals in their areas of expertise.

When they roll in, things start moving fast. And as your landscape transforms, MH3’s design-build blueprint helps everyone stay up to speed during weather-related issues and those welcomed sentences that start with, “I was thinking, what if we did…?”

We’ll be on-site and on-task, and with our online client management system, you can also be on top of your project, even if you’re halfway around the world. Daily logs and photos are posted in real-time, along with scheduled deliveries and daily Accuweather tracking.

Want to make a change along the way? Log in and make a change order, and our system automatically updates project changes and costs for you to see. And when the dust settles, now you’re ready for the best part…

Finally, it’s time to pop the cork and bring on the party! You’ve earned it.

We’ll lift a glass, then step aside to let you behold and soak in your new outdoor paradise, where you’ll indulge in your new luxury landscape and pool oasis. You will thoroughly enjoy creating memories and exciting fun times with family and friends here. And MH3 will continue to be there for you, helping with anything needed to keep your landscaping and pool looking like new.