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Built-In Spas

Custom Spa Design & Installation

Custom Shaped Swimming Pool Fed By Waterfalls & a Built-In Spa

Relax in Your Built-In Spa

Nothing completes the tranquility and elegance of a luxury outdoor living space quite like a custom, built-in spa designed and installed by MH3 Design Group.

  • Our experts will assess your current outdoor living space and situation to evaluate what type of built-in spa will best accommodate your backyard.
  • Working step-by-step with you, we’ll collaboratively develop an intricate and unique spa design tailored to your relaxation needs.
  • Once you greenlight your personalized design, our experienced installation team will get to work right away to build your custom spa in no time.

Our built-in spa concepts are more than just your average hot tub. MH3 strives to intertwine tranquility with luxury to create an all-in-one relaxation experience that’s just as stunning to the eye as it is comfortable to the body.

Let MH3 Take Care of Your Built-In Spa Installation

Whether you’re looking to complement a custom pool installation with a more intimate source of water relaxation or you’re interested in equipping your backyard with a stand-alone source of serenity, we’re here to provide you with ample design and construction opportunities to curate your outdoor spa retreat.

Once you’ve approved your custom built-in spa design, it’s time for us to start doing what we do best: delivering on our promise of esteemed and professional built-in spa installation services. We’ll work hard to ensure your built-in spa design will blend in seamlessly with your other luxury outdoor living furnishings and accessories while also aiming to maximize accessibility.

We’ll be on-site and on-task throughout every day of the construction schedule, providing you with daily logs and photo updates all along the way. Feel like making any changes or adding on to your initial design? No problem! Our commitment is to do whatever’s necessary to complete your vision and improve your outdoor living space.

Built-In Benefits of a Luxury Spa Experience

Aside from pristine relaxation and elegant architecture, built-in spas come standard with mental and physical benefits that will therapeutically enhance your leisure spa activities. Schedule a free design consultation today!

Stress Management

Once you find yourself situated in your new custom built-in spa, you’ll feel the worries of your world drift away, minute-by-minute.

Aches and Pain Relief

Your tired muscles will feel completely rejuvenated after an intimate spa session.

Enhanced Sleep

Nothing improves overall sleep quality like a relieving evening relishing your spa jets and bubbles.

Total Serenity

Close your eyes and let your built-in spa take you wherever it is you need to go to.

Treat Yourself With the Ultimate Luxury Built-In Spa Design

Your backyard spa experience is only a phone call away. If you’re ready to see how a custom built-in spa design will revolutionize your outdoor living space, reach out to us online for a complimentary design consultation, or call us now at 763-400-3944.