9 Essential Fire Pit Accessories for This Fall


9 Essential Fire Pit Accessories for This Fall

9 Essential Fire Pit Accessories for This Fall

Outdoor living doesn’t get any more luxurious when you have your very own backyard fire pit to keep you company all throughout the fall. Whether it's a comfortable family night spent gathered up around the fire or having an aesthetically gravitating focal point for all your backyard hangouts, a customized outdoor fire pit will bring any household closer together.

But just because you’ve installed a custom fire pit in your backyard doesn’t mean you’re truly living the high life just yet. You need the right accessories to make cozy evenings under the stars as comfortable as possible, from cooking gourmet snacks over an open fire.

Here are the essential fire pit accessories you need to maximize the potential of your outdoor fireplace this fall!

1. Fire Pit Screen

You never know when a piping hot, stray ember can come bursting out of your fire pit and sour the mood!

That’s why having a modern fire pit screen handy is always a clutch idea, keeping your fire tamed and under control while creating a safer environment for all your friends and family. There are plenty of elegant fire pit screen designs that combine durability with a bold, striking look.

Plus, if you select sturdier fire pit screen materials such as steel fireplace covers, you can rest assured that your fire pit screen will be sure to last you a few autumns in a row – if not several!

2. Fire Pit Grill Grate

Who says you’re only limited to cooking s’mores and hot dogs over an open fire? With a fire pit grill grate, you can transform any evening into a night of quality, home-cooked meals that are cooked safely over your backyard fire pit.

Corn on the cob, juicy steaks, baked potatoes; Whatever your appetite desires, a mesh steel fire pit cooking grate is always up for any backyard cooking task. With a state-of-the-art fire pit grill grate, you’ll be taking dinner requests all throughout the fall!

A group of people sitting around a campfire.

3. Firewood Rack

Tired of scouring your backyard for any traces of sticks or stray wood to throw into the fire pit? A firewood rack not only provides a centralized location for all your firewood needs but adds a sense of sophistication to your backyard, as opposed to a bundle of logs clogging up space near the garage or shed.

Be sure to pair your firewood rack with a cover or top, so you can keep your firewood dry and secure all throughout the fall.

4. Outdoor Lounge Furniture

A backyard fire pit is only so pretty to look at if you don’t have the necessary furniture to accompany it! If you plan on spending multiple autumn nights around the fire, then it only suits you to invest in outdoor lounge furniture that’s as comfortable as it is elegant.

Pair your custom fire pit with a set of Adirondack chairs that match the colors of your natural stone or boulder fireplace, or go all out and surround your fire pit with wicker outdoor patio furniture, complete with cushioned sofas and ottomans.

Get cozy while staying in style by enhancing your outdoor fireplace with the latest trends in outdoor lounge furniture.

5. Outdoor Entertainment System

You know what else pairs well with a cozy autumn fire? Movie night!

When you install an outdoor entertainment system adjacent to your backyard fire pit, you’re going to have trouble ever leaving the backyard this fall. Whether you have a new plasma TV and accompanying surround sound system hovering over your outdoor fireplace or you’re looking to show off your new projector screen, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another entertainment complex that has its own outdoor living room fireplace to keep everyone warm!

6. Extendable Roasting Sticks

Sure, it’s hard to beat watching a movie on a projector next to an open fire. But let’s be real – is there a better feeling than roasting up some marshmallows on a brisk autumn evening next to your loved ones?

Every backyard fire pit needs a collection of extendable roasting sticks handy whenever you start to feel nostalgic for some good old-fashioned s’mores or fire-roasted hot dogs. Be sure to invest in the stainless steel roasting sticks, so you can easily clean and reuse them, one fall after another.

7. Heavy Duty Fire Poker

Nothing feels more serene and relaxing than tending to your own fire. A rustic, steel, heavy-duty fire poker is perfect for maintaining the perfect fire for everyone present and provides safer opportunities for preserving your fire’s integrity.

And don’t forget to invest in a fire poker with a comfortable handle that doesn’t get too hot while you’re poking around your backyard fire.

8. Citronella Torches

Looking for a way to enhance the cozy aesthetics of your backyard fire pit area while doing every attendee a solid and keeping the bugs at bay? Citronella torches are perfect for achieving both of those goals!

These bamboo tiki torches can provide an insect-repellent barrier to minimize the annoyance of flying pests while also helping illuminate your backyard settings. They’re also able to withstand severe weather conditions, come in a variety of adjustable height sizes, and are practically effortless to install! 

A group of people toasting marshmallows around a fire pit.

9. Fire Pit Tongs

Want more control over tending to your fire? Fire pit tongs give every firemaster more control and oversight to maintain the perfect fire! They allow users to easily grab entire logs and move them around the fire, also allowing for a safer way for everyone to tend to the fire.

Plus, their iron material means you won’t have to worry about it rusting any time soon.

Backyard Fire Features for All Seasons

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