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Complement your luxury landscaping project with MH3’s wide variety of intricate and decorative hardscaping design services.

  • Combine convenient accessibility with affluent aesthetics
  • Decoratively guard your softscaping with elaborate paving or retaining wall designs
  • Complement lush garden greenery with modern and sleek architectural structures

From achieving maximum accessibility to paving pristine pathways to restoring any existing outdoor features, our team of hardscape installation experts is ready to cater to your outdoor architectural needs!

Complete Your Luxury Landscape With Custom Hardscaping

Opulent hardscape design is what we consider to provide the finishing touches for any imposing backyard or outdoor living space. Whether it’s the materials and layouts that give your lawn that little nudge of refinement or a dramatic renovation to intertwine a modern and sleek ambiance, we like to think of our professional and artistic hardscaping as the exclamation punctuation mark of a riveting landscaping restoration.

Choose MH3 for Hardscaping Design in the Twin Cities

To tie your elaborate landscaping projects together, MH3 creates imaginative and progressive hardscape designs, including retaining walls, steps, walkways, and water features. View our gallery to get a better visualization of how majestic our hardscaping can make your property look!

Retaining Walls

Surround your garden, mulch, or other exotic lawn arrangements with decorative concrete or high caliber stone retaining walls. These attractive landscaping presentations also serve as superb lawn maintenance boundary markers.


The path to enlightenment can lead right to your backyard! We offer a variety of step and path materials that will do wonders for enhancing your outdoor aesthetic, as well as increasing overall accessibility.


Pave a trail of perfection that delicately winds its way through all your lavish backyard amenities. Our walkways can provide many posh and sophisticated looks for your yard, ranging from immaculate natural stone, to cultured clay brick pavers, to elegant gravel designs.

Water Features

Emphasize the tranquility of your backyard utopia by accessorizing your outdoor living space with serene water features. Scenic ponds, majestic waterfalls, or the relaxing sound of a grandiose fountain will give your lawn some much-needed peace of mind.

Put Our Hardscape Contractors to the Test

Regardless of whatever your hardscaping intentions might be, we want to work with you to achieve your ultimate landscaping goals. If you want to learn more about how we’ll revolutionize your outdoor hardscaping design, schedule a free consultation with us today to get the ball rolling, or give us a call at 763-400-3944 to answer any of your questions or concerns.