9 Luxury Landscaping Trends to Inspire Your 2023 Project


9 Luxury Landscaping Trends to Inspire Your 2023 Project

9 Luxury Landscaping Trends to Inspire Your 2023 Project

When you think of luxurious landscaping, what springs to mind? Maybe decorative hardscaping designs that intrigue as much as they inspire?

Or how about sophisticated softscaping that captivates your eyes while complementing its exterior surroundings? Maybe all of the above and more?

One thing’s for sure: Landscaping in 2023 has come a long way compared to the landscaping trends of decades prior! For starters, there are so many opportunities today to design elegant, extravagant landscaping that will transform any backyard into a stunning sanctuary.

From calming and serene garden landscaping to architectural simplicity that rivals European hotel entrances, here are nine luxury landscaping trends to inspire your project in 2023!

1. Drought-Tolerant Softscaping

The desert remains one of the world’s most mysterious topographies, breeding sun-dried shrubbery that wouldn’t look misplaced on a lost planet in the solar system.

As more homeowners are starting to rethink their environmental approach to tending to their softscaping features, drought-tolerant softscaping has become an emerging landscaping trend all over the country.

Cacti, palm trees, desert shrubs, succulent, and native grasses are all examples of desert-inspired plants that make any home’s exterior look more exotic while requiring minimal maintenance and care to preserve its appearance and integrity.

2. Vertical Gardening

Imagine walls of beautiful flowers, shrubbery, or other captivating plants surrounding your backyard oasis. Vertical garden landscaping has grown in popularity in recent years, especially as a DIY home gardening project for homeowners working with minimal lawns or outdoor space.

Vertical gardening allows homeowners to get creative in their backyards, installing structures or columnar trees that are ideal for hosting vertical growing vines, flowers, or even garden pots for growing vegetables.

Plus, with vertical gardening, you’ll use much less space than typical gardening processes, giving you more opportunities to inject innovative gardening ideas and techniques into your outdoor space.

3. Tranquil Water Features

As more people spend more time cherishing their backyard’s serene surroundings, installing calming water features has also become a popular trend that is expected to explode in 2023.

From rain gardens to living ponds and cascading canyons to soothing waterfalls, there are seemingly infinite ways to install wondrous water features that will be sure to amplify the peace and quiet in your home.

4. Accompanying Smart Technology

One big landscaping trend to take notice of in 2023 is what’s commonly referred to as “smart landscaping” – incorporating the latest in innovative technologies into your landscape design.

From elaborate landscape lighting systems to Bluetooth audio options to self-irrigation systems, implementing such technologies into your landscape layout can enhance their properties and provide exciting new ways to relish the experience of your serene surroundings.

5. Victorian Era Floral Arrangements

Nowadays, it seems like most of the more popular shows on television take place in 19th century Britain, which is probably why Victorian Era floral designs are shaping up to be all the rave in 2023.

When we say Victorian Era, we mean exploring true opulence with grandiose flower arrangements featuring extravagant assortments of tulips, roses, carnations, daisies, lilies, freesias, dahlias, etc.

With fervent colors and awe-inspiring aromas, Victorian Era floral arrangements are sure to be a hit in 2023 and beyond.

6. Historical Garden Landscaping

Another emerging trend in the world of landscaping is telling a story with the garden and floral arrangements you choose to plant. One way to do this is by only planting plants in your backyard native to your region, where you grew up, or where your ancestors are from.

You can accompany each specific plant type with informative cards detailing the origins of the plant, its traits and functions, and what the plant specifically means to you.

Crafting softscaping arrangements that inform as much as they inspire creates a truly one-of-a-kind landscaping experience for you and your guests to admire.

7. Outdoor Entertainment Utopias

The pandemic has shaped many lifestyle trends, and maybe the biggest one is more people want to transform their homes into cozy, comfortable oases that rarely warrant ever leaving the house!

That’s why outdoor living spaces have become such a popular landscaping trend over the past few years and show no signs of stopping as we move into 2023.

Whether it’s movie night on the patio, vinyl records under the stars, or game day brunch in the backyard, homeowners are proving that you don’t have to leave your home to experience the ultimate entertainment and relaxation experience.

8. Fervent Fire Features

Thousands of years ago, humans were captivated by fire, and we’ve never really turned back.

But we’re not talking about boring old, portable fire pits in the backyard; In 2023, sleek and modern concepts for marble or brick patio fire pits will be all the rage.

From natural stone and boulder outdoor fireplaces to decorative fire bowls that look like something straight out of the Olympic Games, fire features are the perfect outdoor furnishing.

Spark some inspiration into your backyard and bring all your loved ones closer together!

9. Tropical Terrain

It’s incredible how much our immediate surroundings impact our everyday feelings. Some studies show that routinely tending to your landscaping or garden arrangements can do wonders for improving your overall mental health.

If seeing is believing, it’s no surprise that more homeowners are have been implementing tropical themes into their modern landscaping designs. From palm trees to exotic ferns, custom landscaping designs that give off jungle or rainforest ambiance are another big trend to look out for in 2023.

Lava rock hardscaping, bamboo fencing, illuminating tiki torches; These landscaping features and more will bring tropical energy and fun to your backyard!

Luxury Landscaping Services Courtesy of MH3 Design Group

The fact is that you can always be your own trendsetter when it comes to luxury landscaping design!

At MH3 Design Group, we work directly with our clients to bring their landscaping dreams to life by offering bold, unique landscaping designs. Let us make your backyard the center of your universe for many years to come!

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