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Sophisticated Softscape Landscaping

Garden Landscaping

Luxury Softscaping Services in the Twin Cities

MH3’s softscaping services add elements of sophistication and distinct refinement to any outdoor living space.

  • Elaborate flower arrangements to reflect your home’s beauty
  • Refined mulch layouts to visually balance your yard’s aesthetic while improving its soil
  • Exotic plant grouping to complement other landscaping features, such as walkways, retaining walls, and front entries

Nothing accentuates the beauty of upscale hardscaping quite like a dazzling display of softscape design. When you choose MH3 Design Group, our team will tie all elements of your yard together through elegant concepts for softscaping presentations.

Intuitive & Collaborative Softscape Design

We’re dedicated to working with you throughout the entire softscape design and installation process, so we can both achieve our goal of unlocking your home’s landscaping and outdoor living space potential.

Benefits Of Pristine Softscaping Services

Think of your yard’s softscaping as the finishing touches to boost the color, texture, and overall artistic integrity of your home’s exterior features. Our work is designed specifically to enhance its decor and appearance.

Establishing Themes

Floral and garden arrangements can provide a wide variety of decorative and trending themes for your home’s outdoor ambiance.

Providing Intimacy

Softscape installation not only enhances beauty but can also increase the privacy of your backyard.

Enchanting Environment

The more dazzling array of plants you furnish your yard with, the healthier of an immediate environment you’re creating.

Change of Scenery

Elaborate softscaping designs will break up any mundaneness or stale elements to any yard.

It’s the little things that softscaping services can provide that add up to big improvements to the appearance of your luxury outdoor living space. View our gallery to get a better understanding of just how much our softscaping design services can make your yard stand out!

Ready to Handle Your Softscape Service Needs

If you’re ready to harness your home’s outer beauty, let MH3 take care of your softscape design and installation needs near the Twin Cities. You can contact us online for a complimentary design consultation, or give us a call at 763-400-3944 to learn more.