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Curb Appeal

Inspiring Awe in the Twin Cities

Curb Appeal

One Look at Your Home Says It All

Want your house to make a statement? Leave it to the MH3 team to curate awe-inspiring curb appeal that sets your home apart from the rest of the neighborhood! Our involved and elaborate design process can create an entirely unique and modern style for your home.

  • Lavish visual aesthetics to accentuate your luxury landscaping themes and designs
  • Intricate color and texture patterns to project a distinct identity for your home
  • Custom features that capture your unique personality and character traits

Our custom design approach combines our vast experience in designing personalized landscaping features with your vision for what you want your home to express. Together we’ll create a bold, remarkable exterior look. Take a look at our gallery for examples of luxury landscaping to get your creative ideas flowing!

Make a Fantastic First Impression

Our curb appeal landscaping designs are guaranteed to turn heads. Your house’s presentation won’t just wow onlookers; It will make people want to know who lives inside that home and how they assembled such an appearance.

MH3 Design Group provides a seamless, integrated experience for curb appeal renovations. Read our reviews to see how happy our clients are when their projects are all said and done!

Why Does Stunning Curb Appeal Matter?

Elaborate and customized curb appeal will instantly boost your home’s value and even make it the talk of the town. Over the years, our team at MH3 has been awarded for our extravagant landscaping and outdoor living projects, and our efforts have proven to offer many advantages, including:

  • Boosting property value
  • Increasing homebuyer intrigue
  • Improving exterior appearance and maintenance
  • Increasing homeowner confidence and esteem

Ready to Boost Your Curb Appeal?

MH3 is waiting for the green light to expand and enhance your property’s appearance. Contact us online today to get started on your unique curb appeal makeover, or give our Plymouth office a call at 763-400-3944.