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Garden Landscaping

Not Your Gramma’s Flower Garden

Garden Landscaping

Professional Garden Landscaping in the Twin Cities

When we think about garden landscaping designs, we don’t envision any run-of-the-mill flower beds, vegetable patches, or herb fields. MH3 Design Group installs garden landscaping concepts and large-scale planting projects that stimulate all your senses – inspiring your eyes, revitalizing your nostrils, and simply taking your breath away.

  • Vibrant rainbows of flowers, vines, and ferns
  • Scenic displays of natural green ambiance
  • Decorative or edible arrangements, bursting with fervent colors, textures, and aromas

Our team believes garden landscaping should be as stunning as it is sustainable. You don’t have to be a gardening aficionado to relish all the natural wonders and beauty of having your own gorgeous garden landscaping scenery.

Customize Your Garden Landscaping Design

Dull, repetitive, and cliché are sworn enemies of our intricate and unique garden landscaping design process. We want your planting displays to speak volumes about who you are, what you love to do, and how much pride you take in your home’s scenery.

We’ll collaborate with you right from the get-go to ensure your lavish garden landscaping design provides onlookers with a renewing sense of inspiration and wonderment. Scroll through our gallery to see dazzling garden landscaping designs!

Why Consider Grandiose Garden Landscaping?

Aside from maximizing your yard’s scenic potential, elaborate and customized garden landscaping offers a variety of advantages for your outdoor living spaces, including:

Vibrant Inspiration

One look at your immaculate garden landscaping layouts, and your ingenuity will know no bounds.

Improved Air Quality

Expansive garden landscaping projects will enhance the air you breathe, as well as the aromas you smell.

Serene Ambiance

Nothing can soothe stress quite like a leisurely stroll amidst a tranquil and stunning array of scenic plants.

Natural Aesthetic

Why head out to the woods when you have access to natural splendor in your very own backyard?

Here to Curate Your Luxury Garden Landscaping Needs

You’re only a phone call away from instantly boosting the beauty of your outdoor living space! Ready to learn how MH3 can create an intricate and custom garden landscaping experience for your home? Contact us online to schedule a complimentary design consultation, or give us a call at 763-400-3944 to find out all the ways we can adhere to your landscaping needs.