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Landscape Lighting

Illuminate Your Landscaping Features

Backyard Landscape and Pool Lighting

Landscape Lighting for Your Twin Cities Home

When the sun goes down, bring your lavish landscaping to life! MH3 Design Group designs and installs luxury landscape lighting arrangements to accentuate your outdoor living space at night with intricate techniques such as:

  • Deck, step, and path lights to brighten walkways in the dark
  • Spot, flood, and well lights to illuminate landscaping and garden displays
  • Extensive bulb and LED lighting options to match your personal aesthetics

Our contemporary and stylish landscaping lighting concepts highlight your home’s beautiful exterior features no matter what time of day it is. Our team of award-winning landscaping designers is ready to create the ideal lighting technology and structures to show off your home’s elaborate exterior features. View examples of our work in our gallery!

Custom Landscape Lighting Design

Quality and professionally installed landscape lighting requires much more than merely plugging in a few flood lights and calling it a day. When MH3 approaches any landscape lighting project, we take the time to analyze and conceptualize what exact forms and variations of lighting will bring out the most of your landscaping and exterior design work.

We’ll guide you through our custom landscape lighting design process every step of the way to guarantee your satisfaction. Get ready to step back and marvel at your home after sundown!

Advantages of Professional Landscape Lighting

You wouldn’t attend a concert or watch a movie that lacked sufficient lighting. At MH3, we consider landscaping to be your home’s main event. When you choose us for professional landscape lighting services, you can expect to:

  • Capture all the intricate features of your extensive landscaping, gardening, and furnishing projects at night
  • Provide generous accessibility for your family and guests
  • Enhance your home’s exterior safety and security
  • Improve your house’s curb appeal after sundown

Choose MH3 for All Your Landscape Lighting Needs

Give your home the elusive and illustrious look it deserves with professional, quality landscape lighting installation. Contact MH3 online to set up a complimentary design consultation, or feel free to give us a call at 763-400-3944 to discuss your landscape lighting needs.