5 Pool Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Luxury Pool


5 Pool Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Luxury Pool

5 Pool Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Luxury Pool

Is there anything quite like taking a nighttime dip in your backyard pool? Whether it’s floating around under the stars or having friends over for an after-party hangout, there’s something magical about being immersed in the illuminated aqua blue under the dark night sky.

But in order to truly take advantage of after-dark swim sessions, your custom pool design needs to be accompanied by innovative landscape lighting that not only brightens up your evening get-togethers, but also adds more style and substance to your after-hour soaks.

From underwater luminosity to patio radiance, here are five pool lighting ideas that will shine some light on your late-night luxury pool retreats!

1. Underwater LEDs

If you’re looking to forego the traditional underwater pool lighting route, working with underwater LED lights might be the best path for you.

LED pool lights give you more freedom to customize the lighting look and feel of your custom pool design, with dozens of options when it comes to colors and placement.

Best of all, you can find LED pool lights that are battery powered or solar-powered, meaning you won’t have to hire an electrician or drain your pool to properly install them!

2. Pool Lanterns

Want your custom pool design to set the mood for all of its esteemed guests? Pool lanterns have become one of the more modern and trendy ways to light up your pool at night!

Whether you install more traditional, antique-looking lanterns at the corners of your pool to give off a more classic, romantic feel, or you prefer letting a bunch of floating pool lantern lights roam freely on top of the water, pool lanterns are a truly one-of-a-kind way to shine some sophistication on your luxury pool.

3. Surrounding Fire Features

Nothing adds more flare to your late-night pool escapades quite like installing adjacent fire features to give your custom pool design some extra spark! Imagine having four decorative fire bowls anchoring each corner of your luxury pool, or even installing a centerpiece within your pool that can hoist up a marble or brick patio fire pit?

Nothing makes for bold and beautiful pool lighting like having an outdoor fireplace to gaze into!

4. Illuminated Walkways

There’s something enchanting about following an illuminated path in the dark that ultimately leads you to your luxury pool. Install some step or path lighting features to brighten your pool walkways in the dark.

Illuminated walkways not only add a more sophisticated ambiance to your backyard pool, but also increase the safety and security of all those who choose to participate in an after-hour dip!

5. Softscape Lighting

If your pool is surrounded by elaborate softscape scenery, it’s certainly worth looking into lighting up your plants and shrubbery to give your pool a more enlightened late-night environment.

Aside from showcasing all your favorite plants in the dark, softscape lighting helps capture all the intricate features of your luxury landscaping at night, so you can still soak in some scenic beauty long after the sun has gone down!

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