When Is the Best Time to Build a Luxury Pool?


When Is the Best Time to Build a Luxury Pool?

When Is the Best Time to Build a Luxury Pool?

When you close your eyes, you can see it. Your very own luxury pool, customized to your exact specifications. The alluring glare of sunlight reflecting off the water, as you slowly dip one foot after another into the soothing surface. Is this… Heaven?

But alas, you open your eyes to see no custom pool in your backyard, and the grimness of reality settles back in. You know what this means? It’s time to stop daydreaming about your luxury pool fantasy and turn your backyard aspirations into reality!

Building a luxury pool is a thrilling process that requires immense preparation and attention to detail. But before you can even start assessing any architectural features or accompanying outdoor living arrangements, the first step to any custom pool installation is figuring out what time of the year you’re going to schedule its construction.

Perhaps the first signs of spring are ideal for breaking ground on a new pool? Or maybe the reliable weather of summer works best?

Below, MH3 will break down all the seasons to figure out when is the best time to build a luxury pool in your backyard.

Spring Pool Installation

Spring seems like a perfect time for a luxury pool installation, doesn’t it? Well, yes and no. For starters, spring weather can be relatively unpredictable, ranging from generous sunshine to showering storms to even unexpected snowfall, sometimes all within the same week.

But generally speaking, spring does tend to be the most common time of the year to begin a pool installation, especially because people are so eager to start using their pool before summer is over.

If you’re aiming for a spring pool installation, you need to book your installation with your custom pool designer well in advance, six months or longer, preferably. This not only ensures that your installation will be officially good to go come spring time, but also gives your pool installation team plenty of time to prepare for their installation.

Summer Pool Installation

Summer is basically the time of the year to get everything done around the house, right? Well, when it comes to summer pool installation, you can rest assured you’re not the only one trying to install a new pool during this time of the year.

Summer is by far the busiest season for pool installers, not to mention the most tormenting due to the heat. Perhaps the toughest part about summer pool installation is all the patience involved.

For starters, you have to schedule your summer pool installation well in advance, and even if you start installing your concrete pool at the beginning of summer, there’s no guarantee it will be completed by the end of fall.

If you can’t schedule your pool installation for next spring, then by all means, next summer is probably the best time to get it done.

Fall Pool Installation

Now we’ve reached the ideal season for luxury pool installation! Fall time brings the most stable, consistent weather as far as temperature, humidity, and conditions go.

The ground in your backyard will also be drier, allowing for a more seamless installation process. While you’ll obviously have to wait until next year to enjoy your pool, autumn tends to be the best time for both homeowners and pool installers to embark upon a pool installation.

Fall offers more availability with scheduling, as well as more accommodating, comfortable weather conditions for a pool installation team to take on all that labor.

Winter Pool Installation

Hold on… winter pool installation? Yes, it can be done, but not all pool designers will be willing to install a new pool during the coldest time of the year.

While installation prices will be lowest during the winter months, the weather will obviously factor into how smoothly the entire process goes. Delays can quickly start to add up during winter, sometimes making the installation projects take months longer than it would have otherwise.

But if your pool contractor is willing to take on the project and cuts you a great deal, there’s obviously nothing stopping you from embarking upon a winter pool installation!

Things to Consider Before Building Your Custom Pool

Before a shovel can even start to dig up your backyard, there is a little homework you should do on your end before hiring a professional, custom pool designer. When it comes to building a custom pool, there are several factors to consider, including:

Pool Construction Guidelines & Permits

Knowing the pool construction guidelines and permits in your state is essential before beginning any project. Different states have different rules and regulations that must be followed during the installation process.

It's important to check with local authorities or permit centers to make sure you're compliant with all necessary requirements.

Consult With Your Pool Designer

In addition, understanding what questions to ask while consulting with a custom pool designer can give you a better idea of how best to proceed with the design process.

Ask them about their experience and qualifications, as well as any further services they may offer such as maintenance or repairs.

Also don't forget to articulate how you'd like to bring your luxury pool design ideas to life. Are you aiming for a more family-friendly pool or one that specifically caters towards adults? Are you looking to accommodate frequent guests or is it more for physical or leisure activity?

Knowing the answers to these questions and more will help your custom pool contractor get a better idea of what design choices they need to implement.

Assess Your Property’s Landscaping Features

It's also important to evaluate your property in order to identify potential challenges or obstacles in your existing landscaping design. Does your yard have any sloping terrain or existing softscaping or hardscaping features you need to work around?

The topography of your backyard will have a major impact on the timeline and budgeting of your custom pool design. 

Evaluate Your Pool Construction Budget

Lastly, make sure you have an accurate assessment of your budget so that you know what is affordable and realistic. Labor, materials, permits, accessories, and equipment are all factors that will determine your final budget, so be sure to know exactly what you’re investing in before committing to such a high-scale project.

In the end, creating a custom pool is an exciting project, but it's important to take the time to consider all factors before beginning. Doing your research and asking the right questions will help you create a beautiful masterpiece that you can enjoy for years to come.

Pool Installation for All Seasons From MH3 Design Group!

There’s never a wrong time of the year to start prepping for a custom pool installation! At MH3 Design Group, we work with customers all throughout the year to plot out their luxury pool design and schedule an installation when it works best for both parties.

Tired of having to close your eyes to see your dream pool? Contact MH3 Design Group today to get started on your luxury pool design!