8 Luxury Design Ideas to Enhance Your Built-In Spa


8 Luxury Design Ideas to Enhance Your Built-In Spa

8 Luxury Design Ideas to Enhance Your Built-In Spa

There’s an undeniable sense of self-confidence the moment one steps foot inside of any spa setting. You feel like royalty the second your muscles start to relax and all the tension you try to ignore throughout the day begins to ease.

For many spa-attendees, relishing such a tranquil, serene environment is an on-occasion, off-site luxury that never presents itself enough opportunities to relieve the everyday grit and grind.

But what if you could cherish the experience of a spa treatment without even having to step foot outside of your home? Such a luxury is certainly obtainable when one takes advantage of all the relaxing benefits that at-home, built-in spa design and installation services have to offer!

And we’re not talking about an ordinary hot tub here; we’re talking about building a customized in-ground spa that hosts a heated body of water, equipped with plenty of jets and accessories that are specifically designed for superior muscle relaxation.

But why just stop at installing a built-in spa? Why not simulate the ultimate resort experience by accessorizing your spa setting to the max and surrounding it with luscious, idyllic furnishings and visual aesthetics to ease all of your worries and senses?

At MH3 Design Group, we believe that if you can dream it, you can design it! With our motto in mind, here are eight luxury design ideas to perfectly accommodate and enhance your built-in spa utopia.

1. Integrate Into Your Deck or Patio

The deck or patio typically serves as the epicenter of your backyard or outdoor living space. So why not install a built-in spa to become the epicenter of your deck or patio?

With custom deck and porch design, installing such a backyard spa retreat is possible, giving you not only immediate access to your built-in spa, but also providing a more scenic view of your outdoor paradise, without having to leave the cozy comfort of warm, soothing water!

2. Adjoin to Your Pool

Already have a custom pool design installed in your backyard? Why not accompany it with a built-in spa? Nothing feels better than immediately immersing yourself in warm, calming waters after a fresh dip in the pool.

Plus, you can surround your adjacent built-in spa with scenic rock or boulder landscaping designs, providing a picturesque barrier for dividing your pool and spa.

3. Surround Your Spa With Splendid Scenery

Your built-in spa should appease all your senses, including your vision! Adding some luxury landscaping designs to accompany your spa is what can create the ultimate spa setting and experience.

Imagine closing your eyes and hearing the serene sounds of a majestic waterfall display that’s cascading in the distance. Or how about implementing some sophisticated softscaping features that will accentuate your spa’s tranquility while also serving as a visually-relaxing backdrop?

Don’t be afraid to get creative with surrounding your spa with splendid landscaping scenery!

4. Accompany With an Adjacent Sauna

There’s no such thing as too many options when you visit a spa resort. So why not give yourself another opportunity for relaxation by accompanying your built-in spa with an adjacent sauna?

Nothing soothes the soul quite like the combination of emerging your body in warm, relaxing waters right after a calming steam in the sauna. Your sauna can also serve as a private changing room for you and any company you have over to take part in your backyard spa experience!

5. Add Scenic Privacy With Custom Softscaping Elements

Much of what can make a built-in spa all the more majestic is having luscious softscaping designs to not only enhance beauty, but to boost privacy as well. Popular softscaping elements such as vines, flowerbeds, or deciduous shrubbery can make it feel like you’re enjoying your spa in your very own backyard forest!

You can also incorporate emerald tree designs to line up alongside your sauna, giving you more shade and shelter in addition to covered privacy.

6. Improve Accessibility With Elegant Hardscaping

Want your built-in spa to have its own grand entryway that leads you to exclusive relaxation time?

With elegant hardscaping design, you can not only install a flashy, exotic walkway that leads to your very own spa retreat, you can instantly upgrade the accessibility of your built-in spa, making it a more inclusive experience for each and every one of your guests.

For starters, you can add custom designed walkways featuring anything from natural stone, to clay brick pavers, to bold and elegant gravel designs. If your backyard sauna area is built upon a slope, then installing an elaborate step pathway can provide a more safe and scenic entrance to your spa experience that leads right from your house or patio!

7. Deck Your Spa Out With Decorative Landscaping

Sometimes all a built-in spa needs to separate itself from the competition is some immaculate landscaping that accentuates its beauty and tranquility.

Whether it’s surrounding your built-in spa with a sandstone staircase, modern stone or tile walkways, or captivating mosaic surfaces, decking your spa out with decorative landscaping will always be sure to take the breath away from you and your guests!

8. Provide Illuminating Landscaping Lighting

Want to brighten up your sauna scenery once the sun falls down? Try accompanying any of your custom walkway or hardscaping designs with vibrant landscaping lighting systems that make walking to and from your built-in spa at night time a breeze!

Whether it’s flood or spot lights to showcase your exotic gardening or softscaping displays at night or installing exotic LED lighting systems that can make your sauna setup look like the hottest club in town, be sure to consult with your luxury landscaping contractor to equip your built-in sauna with state-of-the-art lighting concepts!

Custom Built-In Spa Concepts From MH3 Design Group

You only build a built-in spa in your backyard once (probably), so why not go all out by customizing your spa experience with bold, striking concepts and design courtesy of MH3 Design Group? We’ll work directly with you to bring your built-in spa concepts to life, so you can relish the relaxation for many years to come.

Ready to get started on assembling your very own backyard spa retreat? Contact MH3 Design Group today to consult with our luxury landscaping team on building your very own custom spa design!