California-Inspired Landscape Design Styles for Your Backyard
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California-Inspired Landscape Design Styles for Your Backyard

When you close your eyes and envision the look and feel of California, what springs to mind? Palm trees, ferns, the ocean breeze; probably too many sensory details to count!

But what if you could install that trademark Californian energy and scenery into your own backyard? When it comes to luxurious landscaping, the terrain and topography of California continue to be trendy in terms of home exterior inspiration.

From exotic shrubbery to breathtaking hardscapes, capturing the look and feel of a serene Californian landscape has never been easier, no matter where you live. Looking to evoke some of that signature Californian scenery into your home?

Here are a few California-inspired landscape design styles that inject some West Coast energy into your backyard!

Desert-Inspired Gardens

California terrain is famous for its drought-tolerant plants that can look marvelous year-round without depending on generous supplies of water. Capturing that look and feel of a hypnotic desert landscape not only evokes the spirit of California but makes for some incredibly beautiful garden landscape designs that are hard to come by outside of The Golden State.

Some drought-tolerant shrubbery to consider implementing into your landscaping can include:

  • Sage
  • Thread grass
  • Juniper
  • Lamb’s ear
  • Bearded iris
  • Beauty bushes
  • Boxwood
  • Cliff Roses
  • Fragrant sumac

All of these types of desert-inspired plants will be sure to bring more California flavor into your backyard.

Sophisticated Softscaping

Whether it’s thematic flower arrangements for hosting backyard meditation sessions or fern plant walls surrounding your outdoor living space, there are plenty of custom softscaping designs that will make you feel as close to California as possible.

Exotic plant grouping and floral arrangements can capture the essence of some of California’s famous national parks – not to mention add more tranquility to your outdoor space. You can complement any backyard walkways with aloe and agave plants, providing your backyard with a more rustic charm that’s bursting with sunkissed colors.

You can even plant some cactus arrangements throughout your outdoor living space, doubling down on any desert themes you’re trying to implement.

Hardscaping Utopia

The sky is practically the limit when evoking California-inspired hardscaping designs. For starters, pea gravel flooring creates a more natural feel to your backyard, perfect for complementing any stucco architecture, a common California exterior style.

Surrounding any pavers and stone walkways with Earth-toned hardscaping themes, such as pond steps or majestic waterfalls, will also capture that natural ambiance California is so famous for.

Entertaining Surroundings

You can’t think of California without good old Hollywood crossing your mind! You can channel your inner movie star by furnishing your backyard with lavish outdoor living space accommodations, such as outdoor kitchens, bars, or living rooms, perfect for gathering friends and family together.

Make movie night more magical with outdoor flatscreen TVs installed right above your backyard fireplace! Or, accommodate your pool with a California-inspired cabana that can shelter you from catching too much summer sun.

Luxury and California go hand-in-hand, and lavish backyard decor is a surefire way to capture the essence of a Malibu mansion!

Upgrade Your Landscaping With MH3 Design Group!

You don’t have to move to California to capture its beauty and essence in your backyard! At MH3 Design Group, we’ve been helping Minnesota homeowners inject more personality, flair, and flavor into their backyards with innovative luxury landscaping designs.

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