6 Scenic Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Luxury Landscaping
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6 Scenic Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Luxury Landscaping

There’s a certain pizazz that’s hard to find words to describe when you walk into an extravagantly-illuminated backyard. Landscape lighting illuminates a home’s exterior features in the night and creates a sense of sophistication and liveliness that can make any backyard or outdoor living space all the more inviting and festive.

That’s why landscape lighting has emerged as a popular landscaping trend in recent years, quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of luxury landscape design. By accentuating the best features of your backyard and home exterior, you can create a truly unique and luxurious space that instantly adds personality and flair.

Ready to light up your outdoor living space? Check out these six landscape lighting ideas that will illuminate your scenic, luxury landscaping.

1. Outdoor String Lighting

Outdoor string lights are becoming more and more popular with homeowners trying to create a magical glow for their backyard. For starters, string lights are incredibly simple to install, and can be hung or set up in a wide variety of ways that will sufficiently light up your outdoor living space while maintaining a sophisticated visual aesthetic.

Outdoor string lighting can be wrapped around essentially any landscaping and hardscaping features, such as trees, fences, patios, pergolas, etc. Any homeowner looking to create a warm and inviting space that’s extremely cost-effective will certainly enjoy the look and feel of outdoor string lighting.

2. Solar Lighting

What if there were a way to illuminate your luxury landscaping features while cutting down on your energy bill? With solar landscaping lighting, such a feat is obtainable!

Solar lighting is by far the most eco-friendly option when it comes to decorative landscape lighting. It’s also an ideal option for homeowners looking to showcase their softscaping or garden landscaping features, as the solar lights can easily be installed within planting frameworks.

3. Bollard Lighting Fixtures

For a more modern look to light up your home’s exterior at night, bollard lighting fixtures are another common landscaping lighting trend that provides a sense of boldness and style. These square peg or cylinder-shaped lighting structures can be installed practically anywhere to highlight your home's best features.

Plus, they come in a variety of lighting options, ranging from LED, to motion-sensored, to solar-powered, and more!

4. Antique Lighting

Nothing inspires more sophistication and character into a backyard quite like antique lighting to brighten up the night!

Such vintage outdoor light fixtures can range from gooseneck-style lighting structures that recall older metropolitan nightlife, or even industrial lantern-inspired fixtures that instantly add a more rustic feel to your outdoor living space.

5. Outdoor Ambient Lighting

Not all lighting systems need to necessarily brighten up or illuminate your backyard. If you’re looking to create more of a vibe, energy, or specific mood with your landscaping lighting, perhaps outdoor ambient lighting is the right choice for you.

Ambient accent lighting can create more of a dramatic atmosphere while providing more options. It allows you to adjust lighting to cater to whatever feeling you’re trying to achieve with your evening.

6. Security Lighting

In addition to illuminating your outdoor living space and landscaping features, you can always utilize landscape lighting to add more safety security to your home.

From placing security lighting systems near walkways and stairs for a more accessible outdoor environment to installing motion-detection lighting that will deter any unwanted visitors, security lighting provides homeowners with the best of both worlds when it comes to illumination and safety.

Customize Your Landscape Lighting With MH3 Design Group!

Your landscape lighting should go above and beyond when it comes to highlighting all of your backyard’s decorative elements. At MH3 Design Group, we help our clients design and install the perfect landscape lighting to accommodate and accentuate all of their home’s exterior features.

Looking to upgrade your landscape lighting system? Contact MH3 Design Group today to get started on your backyard’s new look!

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