6 Things Every Outdoor Kitchen Needs
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6 Things Every Outdoor Kitchen Needs

The steaks are sizzling, the potatoes are nearly done, and the veggies have all been chopped. The best part of your upcoming feast? Your cooking isn’t confined to the indoors!

Yes, life is good when you can whip up your favorite meals in the comfort of your own backyard. But not all outdoor kitchens are created equal! Some focus on assembling the ultimate outdoor grill area, while others focus on creating more of an inviting, happy hour ambiance for friends and family.

No matter what culinary aesthetic you’re trying to design with your backyard kitchen, there are certain accessories, furnishings, and arrangements that can accentuate the appearance, functionality, and comfort of any outdoor kitchen space. So to take your backyard dining experience to the next level, here are six things every outdoor kitchen needs!

1. Bring Home the Basics

Before you start installing plasma TVs and tiki bars near your outdoor kitchen space, it’s important to start with the basics when it comes to designing a kitchen that truly has everything you need to cook a good meal.

Aside from your actual grill (which we’ll leave up to you), let’s break down all the essential outdoor kitchen accessories, appliances, and gear you need for a superior grilling experience:

  • Vent hoods or panels
  • Access doors
  • Side burner
  • Compact refrigerator
  • Trash bin or compactor
  • Sink or dish washing station
  • Countertops or island layout
  • Cabinets and drawers for plates, silverware, glassware, etc.

The more you check off this checklist of outdoor kitchen essentials, the less time you’ll spend outside of it!

2. Next-Level Cooking

Certainly one outdoor grill is enough for a sufficient evening of cooking, but if you want an outdoor kitchen that’s built for all culinary aspirations, there are plenty of backyard kitchen appliances that will take your grilling experience up a notch! Consider these outdoor kitchen accessories and appliances for next-level cooking:

  • Griddle
  • Power burners
  • Woodfire oven
  • Pizza oven
  • BBQ Smoker
  • Kamado grill
  • Sear burner
  • Rotisserie kit

3. Beverage Station

To build the ultimate outdoor kitchen experience, we’re going to need a decent cocktail or glass of wine every now and then, won’t we? If you’re trying to be the grillmaster AND resident mixologist, here’s what you need to accompany your outdoor kitchen with the perfect beverage station:

  • Refrigerator or beverage cooler
  • Ice maker or ice bin
  • Wine cooler
  • Kegerator
  • Sink or facet
  • Glassware cabinets or racks

4. Dining Arrangements

It’s one thing to cook comfortably outside, but it’s a whole other experience to dine comfortably outside! Unless you’re planning on keeping your outdoor kitchen experience limited to yourself, here are the essential dining arrangements, furnishings, and accessories you need to entertain your esteemed guests for many years to come:

  • Patio dining sets
  • Outdoor lounge chairs or sofas
  • Countertop bar stools
  • Patio umbrellas or canopies
  • Outdoor dining serveware
  • Stone planters or floral arrangements
  • String lights or landscaping lighting

5. Heating & Cooling Options

The tricky part about cooking and dining outside? You can pretty much control everything but the weather! That’s where installing heating or cooling accessories and appliances come in handy, giving you more options to create a comforting culinary environment that limits sweating or shivering all year round. A few heating and cooling accessories to consider include:

  • Outdoor fans
  • Portable air coolers
  • Outdoor fireplace or fire pit
  • Tiki torch setup
  • Patio heater system

6. Emphasize Entertainment

After dinner has been served and the drinks have been poured, what better way to keep your guests in their outdoor seats than installing your own outdoor entertainment setup? The possibilities are practically endless when you consider all the ways you can transform your outdoor kitchen space into the ultimate entertainment center.

Whether your hosting friends for the big game or prefer to accompany your meals with your favorite tunes, here are just a few suggestions for emphasizing entertainment:

Create Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen Arrangement With MH3!

At MH3 Design Group, we have one rule when it comes to building beautiful outdoor kitchens and bars: if you can dream it, we can build it! If you’re ready to bring your backyard dreams to life, contact MH3 Design Group today to get started on your next renovation project.

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