Essential Luxury Features For Your Custom Pool
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Essential Luxury Features For Your Custom Pool

Behold… Your very own luxury, custom pool! It looks just like you dreamed it would, and it feels even better to dip your toes into. Yet, you know there’s still a thing or two missing that will truly tie the bow on top of your beautiful backyard utopia.

A luxury pool isn’t a luxury pool until you’ve decked it out with immaculate furnishing that accentuates your backyard’s tranquility to make it look straight out of a glamor magazine. But with so many accessories and decor options to choose from, where do you even begin?

With over 30 years of custom pool design experience under our belts, we certainly know a thing or two when it comes to sprucing up your luxury pool oasis. Let’s dive right into some essential luxury features you should consider when decking out your custom pool design!

Lavish Landscaping

You know what makes gazing out upon an elegantly-designed pool all the better? Surrounding your pool with rich, lucious landscaping that makes you feel like you’re in your very own Garden of Eden!

Whether it’s creating your own themes or aesthetics with custom hardscaping designs or installing some exotic plant grouping with sophisticated softscaping ideas, complementing your luxury pool with lavish landscaping will only work toward taking your backyard’s appearance to the next level.

Outdoor Living (In Style!)

Why even install your own luxury pool in your backyard if you’re not going to surround it with extravagant outdoor living furnishing and accessories? From poolside bars to exotic fire features, assembling the ultimate outdoor living space adjacent to your custom pool will have you thinking twice about ever leaving your home again!

Here are just a few luxury outdoor living accessories and features to consider to complement your custom pool design:

Ideally, you want to assemble the perfect hangout spot so the second you exit the pool, you’ll enter another section of your outdoor paradise.

Custom Pool Features

A beautifully-designed pool by itself is quite the accomplishment. But when you can add-on even more stunning details that give your pool more personality and functionality, you’ll know you have a one-of-a-kind custom pool design that’ll be the talk of the neighborhood for quite some time.

There are many custom pool features to choose from that range in style and function, including:

  • Immaculate waterfall or water cascade designs
  • Water slides or diving boards
  • Custom tile steps or in-pool seating
  • Built-in pool benches
  • Built-in spas or whirlpool zones
  • Custom pool or landscaping lighting
  • Basketball hoops or sport nets

These are just a few ideas to help make your custom pool all the more unique and personalized.

Customize Your Luxury Pool With MH3 Design Group!

You only live once, so why not apply that logic to your backyard pool design? If you’re looking to transform your backyard pool into a dazzling piece of art, MH3 Design Group is here for you!

Our team of custom pool designers will work directly with you to combine your aesthetic preferences with our keen eye for luxury detail. Contact us today to get started on your custom luxury pool design!

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